Bluesky Invite Code: A Bluesky Social invite code is needed to join the Bluesky Social platform as long as the Bluesky project is in development.

Bluesky is being built by Twitter and other partners on an open-source basis. One of the key goals of Bluesky is to create a more open and interoperable social media ecosystem.

To achieve this goal, Bluesky is using a number of innovative technologies, including ActivityPub, a protocol that allows different social media platforms to communicate with each other. Bluesky is also using distributed storage to ensure that user data is not controlled by any single entity.

Bluesky Invite Codes.

One of the ways that Bluesky is managing its growth is through the use of invite codes. This means that new users can only join the platform if they are invited by an existing user. This is done to help prevent spam and abuse, and to ensure that the platform grows in a controlled manner.

How to Get a Bluesky Invite Code.

There are three main ways to get a Bluesky invite code:

  1. Join the Bluesky Social waitlist: You can join the Bluesky waitlist by visiting the Bluesky website and entering your email address. Once you have joined the waitlist, you will be emailed an invite code when one becomes available.
  2. Buy a Bluesky Social invite code. No, I don’t recommend this solution, but it can be necessary if you do not have the time to wait. Bluesky Social does not sell Bluesky invite codes, but as they do not expire, but can only be used once, you can find Bluesky codes for sell on various platforms, for between 5$ and 30$ currently. Be diligent, however, and avoid scammers.
  3. Ask a current Bluesky user: If you know a friend or colleague who is already using Bluesky, you can ask them for an invite code. Each Bluesky user receives one invite code per week, so they should be able to spare one for you.

When Will Bluesky Be Open to Everyone?

The Bluesky team is working hard to make the platform open to everyone as soon as possible. However, there is no set date for when this will happen. The team is focused on ensuring that the platform is stable and reliable before they open it up to the general public.

Bluesky Invite Codes – List:


These are examples of Bluesky invite codes from around the web. As they can only be used once, many will have been used already, but some may still be valid.

Why Bluesky invite codes are necessary:

  • To prevent spam and abuse: Invite codes help to keep Bluesky free from spam and abuse. This is because new users have to be invited by an existing user, who is already accountable for their actions on the platform.
  • To ensure controlled growth: Invite codes help to ensure that Bluesky grows in a controlled manner. This is important because Bluesky is still under development, and the team needs to be able to manage the growth of the platform to ensure that it remains stable and reliable.
  • To build community: Invite codes help to build community on Bluesky. This is because new users are more likely to join the platform if they are invited by a friend or colleague. This helps to create a more connected and engaged user base.
  • Exclusivity and Controlled Growth: Invite codes are often used to maintain a sense of exclusivity. By limiting access to a service through invitation, it can create a perception of desirability and attract early adopters and influencers, helping to grow the user base in a controlled manner.
  • Privacy and Security: Invite codes can help ensure that only trusted individuals gain access to a platform. This can be essential for services that deal with sensitive information or have a high level of privacy, such as social networks or communication apps.
  • Stress Testing and Scaling: Invite-only systems allow platforms to manage their growth. This can be especially crucial for new startups or small companies that need to ensure their infrastructure can handle increased traffic without crashing.
  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Invite codes can promote word-of-mouth marketing. Users who invite their friends or colleagues to join a service can serve as advocates and help with organic growth.
    Early Feedback and Testing: Invite-only access can help companies gather valuable feedback from a smaller group of users before opening up to a larger audience. This can lead to product improvements and a more polished service.
  • Gradual Feature Rollouts: Invite-only systems can help companies test and roll out new features to a smaller group of users before making them available to everyone. This minimizes the risk of widespread issues.
  • Scarcity Marketing: By making access limited through invite codes, companies can leverage scarcity marketing, which can drive interest and demand for their service.

Once you have a Bluesky invite code, visit the Homepage and sign up. For more about the login process, please see our Bluesky Login page.

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